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FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring at FM Industries - Fremont CA
FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring at FM Industries - Fremont CA
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Published on 1/18/2018 2:10 PM

FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring at FM Industries - Fremont CA

FM Industries is a globally recognized solutions provider that specializes in manufacturing precision machine components and other manufacturing solutions. FM has progressively been implementing FactoryWiz DNC and Monitoring to their facility in Fremont CA and sought training with Refresh Your Memory's VP of Engineering and primary developer of FactoryWiz DNC and Monitoring systems Richard Hefner. The training session at FM allowed employees of various departments such as management, engineering, programmers and machine operators to take and in-depth look at the FactoryWiz system of products, wide range of capabilities and where able to ask questions regarding the challenges their department face.

The new FactoryWiz Monitoring Tablet interface was also displayed, showcasing the blend of accurate OEE figures and an intuitive touchscreen interface developed with ease of use in mind. With the ability to customize available data through widgets, color coding as well as custom profiles, operators can now see and input valuable data right at their work station. Programmers got a chance to learn what variables improve data tracking for FactoryWiz Monitoring and how to program for specific machines and types of controllers.

To learn more about FactoryWiz DNC & Monitoring or to schedule a training session for your team please contact us at (408)224-9167 or

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