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FactoryWiz DNC

“…Our guys love your DNC software. “


Michelle Borjas

Century Die Company, OH



Introduction & Features

FactoryWiz DNC is the newest, most modern DNC software on the market, designed from the ground up to be simple, streamlined, and touch-accessible on the latest Windows 7 and 8 devices. Users will appreciate the easy to navigate interface, perfect for tablets or kiosks, while IT managers will appreciate improvements designed to eliminate certain security vulnerabilities and help control machine and file access. FactoryWiz clears the way to significantly reduced operator training time with an original architecture designed around ease of use.

Building upon past DNC innovations, FactoryWiz DNC brings a host of new capabilities as well.

All of your favorite traditional DNC features carry over. Multiple simultaneous file transfers, drip-feed capability, mid-program restart, remote requests, Mazatrol transfers, and more.

Additional support for Ethernet machines means you can use FactoryWiz DNC to transfer to machines acting as FTP Clients, FTP Servers, or Microsoft SMB servers.

Installs as a Windows service to start automatically without user login. Fully compatible with all current 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or above – server and desktop – with a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Both clients and servers are fully compatible with User Account Control, all common antivirus programs, and most firewall applications.

Additionally, customizable notifications utilize your email system to keep you on top of program revisions. Also, the new FactoryWiz DNC system includes the same powerful API capabilities of FactoryWiz Monitoring, thus allowing the easiest expansion scenario for upgrading to a fully integrated machine/event monitoring system.

FactoryWiz DNC is backed by qualified field support technicians with decades of experience in machine communications. Let our experts get your system up and running quickly and with minimal interruptions so you can get back to work.

FactoryWiz DNC supports the most reliable standardized hardware for RS-232 communications. Optimizations ensure that data is transferred reliably whether you opt for wired Ethernet or 802.11 b/g/n WiFi models.

Have machines without RS-232 connectivity? No problem! Support for modern machines with FTP capability or folder sharing ensures all of your CNC's can communicate through one system.

With up to 128 concurrent machine connections allowed, all machines can operate simultaneously. Run programs larger than will fit in your supported CNC's memory via drip feed. Even drip feed multiple machines at the same time. Upload from any machine while downloading to others. No manual switch box means no limits!


Ease of Use

Easy to use

The large, touch-optimized buttons make FactoryWiz DNC easy to use for new operators. The navigation structure has been optimized to provide quick search access to specific machines, files, and folders from any device. Clearly labeled buttons are color coded to point you to what options are available in your current state. Features you use most will always be clearly visible.

Your CNC list can be organized by cell or department, making it simple to find or search for machines. Restrict end users to viewing particular departments and keep them out of configuration screens. Kiosks can be configured to automatically log in as a particular restricted user without prompting for passwords.

Use the remote request (found in most machines) to download files from your network directly from the CNC control panel and transfer without ever walking to a computer.

Powerful File Management


The structure of FactoryWiz DNC separates message and configuration directories so you can use Windows security features to further lock down access without manually manipulating each file. Configure specific directories on a machine-by-machine basis with the ability to override the directory permissions to create "Super Users".

Files which are not accessible to your DNC system can be automatically imported from local drives and removable media without risk of interruption. Users are allowed to quarantine returned files in a separate area in the directory until approved for addition to your library. Spend less time moving one-time-use files into approved program directories, and never interrupt a drip-feed by accidentally removing a USB stick again.

FactoryWiz DNC can manage files going to and from USB drives for non-attached machines, ensuring that newly modified files get sent to the appropriate inbox folder for proper review.

Mobile Client

Mobile Client

Time wasted waiting for a file to transfer is the same as wasted money. Eliminate bottlenecks on the shop floor by utilizing the FactoryWiz DNC from multiple computers at the same time. Soon you will be able to access your client software through any Windows-based PC, tablet, or mobile device with a standard web browser. If an operator or supervisor has a windows-based mobile device with intranet access, they can even perform a remote request search without using the CNC’s limited keypad!



Editor picture

Features – Function

• Edit CNC programs specifically designed for G-Code

• Powerful side-by-side file compare features

• Coordinate transformations – translation, rotation, scaling, and mirroring

• Extract Program File – Separate by O number, split a file into multiple files

• Sequence number maintenance – renumber, resequence, N-blocks

• Several calculators designed for CNC programmers

• File analysis – Min/max values, cycle times, and more

• Powerful search capability offering saved searches, find and replace

• Great performance when editing large files

• Content based syntax coloring and font highlighting

• “View-only” mode prevents changing files

• File locking improves integrity over a network

• Customizable toolbars, colors, fonts, and other items

• Runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10

Restart From Toolbreak

Restart from tool break

Don't wait for your machine to cut air for the three tools to get back to the point where your tool broke! FactoryWiz DNC incorporates intuitive DNC restart capability so you can pick up just before where you left off.

Upgrade to FW Monitoring

Monitoring images

FactoryWiz DNC provides full integration with the FactoryWiz Monitoring solution. With this tight integration, monitoring data such as machine idle reasons can be entered from any DNC client station – or file queuing can be performed from data input tablets used for your monitoring system! Information like macro outputs and probe data are easily shared between the two. When you are ready, FactoryWiz DNC is designed to upgrade to FactoryWiz monitoring and pass data seamlessly. Take your productivity to the next level with high-visibility FactoryWiz Monitoring solution. Even if you aren’t ready for monitoring yet, FactoryWiz DNC makes it easy to upgrade to a full monitoring system in the future when you are ready. Click here for more information on upgrading to FactoryWiz Monitoring.

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