Machine & Equipment Monitoring

Data Collection and Analysis

With over 30 years of machine connectivity experience, FactoryWiz Monitoring has shown to improve shop floor efficiency, productivity and profits.

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CNC Machines –Additive Machines -Robots –Fabrication Equip –Furnaces –Compressors –Process PLC’s –Other shop assets…

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Machine Monitoring


visualize live data

Visualize critical machine data in real-time via interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, e-mails and text messages from any web enabled device.


generate reports

Receive automated daily, weekly, monthly oee reports. Compare based on machine, department, shift, or part produced.


email & Text Notifications

Receive alert notifications on any web enabled device. Alarms, part count, machine conditions and maintenance schedules.


Identify Problems

Identify operation bottlenecks and production improvement opportunities with our production monitoring system.

Machine Connections

FactoryWiz has one of the largest machine connection libraries in the industry. While most newer equipment utilize industry standard connections such as Fanuc Focus, MT Connect or OPC-UA, FactoryWiz also excels at hooking up to older equipment that was never designed to be monitored.

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“A great group who know both the software and the CNC side very well. A number of our customers use FactoryWiz for monitoring and speak very highly of it. I know if they go with FactoryWiz, they’re in good hands and they’ll have no issues getting set up and seeing results quickly.”
Rob Brodecki
Rob BrodeckiCNC Industry 4.0 Specialist


FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring Dashboard

FactoryWiz Monitoring Industry 4.0 Information

FactoryWiz Monitoring monitors the physical processes of wide range of machines and applications to help companies make informed business decisions based on facts and numbers.

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FactoryWiz DNC Updated

FactoryWiz DNC v20.2.5 is now available

FactoryWiz DNC is the newest, most modern DNC software on the market, designed from the ground up to be simple, streamlined, and touch-accessible on Windows 7, 8 and 10 devices.

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Industry 4.0 IOT Podcast with FactoryWiz Monitoring

Podcast: Industry 4.0 IOT with FactoryWiz

American Lean Weekday chats with our Ben Groves about the power of FactoryWiz Monitoring. Learn how smart factory technology can change the way you do business in 2021.

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FactoryWiz Monitoring Featured in Modern Machine Shop

Automation Easier With Machine Monitoring

“Machine monitoring helps work remotely, avoid close contact on the shop floor and prevent underbilling for lights-out machining.” An article by Matt Danford.

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